I'm Having Some Girl Trouble...Help?

    • I'm Having Some Girl Trouble...Help?

      So I'm 16 (just about 17) and have never liked someone as much as this person in particular. I've had crushes, but this is different. I don't like this girl just because she is pretty, I like her because she is who she is. I had her, along with a bunch of other people, over for a pool party. Her and her cousin stayed till 11:30 and I thought everything went great. She laughed at my jokes that nobody else laughed at, she took my drinking cup from me to write my name on it, she played basketball with me even after everyone else sat down (in the middle of the court), and she made me pick up her flip flops (me specifically). I thought these were all signs of her liking me, but I didn't ask her on a date. I should have, but I chickened out (despite everyone telling me to do so). I decided we could get together again (how long before I invite them over again?) and ask her out then, but now I'm not sure. One of my friends contacted her cousin asking about her flirting with me, and her cousin said that she honestly doesn't think she likes me like that. After I heard about this I was quite upset. I've never liked someone like this and I really want to ask her out on a date (never have asked anyone before). Should I still do it? Also, I can't drive (she can). Would that be a reason not to like someone?
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      I'd advise to be paitient for now..
      Keep talking, as they always say the best relationships come out of friendships first?
      Stay in touch with her, just so she has the idea you're interested..
      Then when you feel more comfortable and you're assured that she is interested too, go for it :)
      And no, that would not be a reason not to like someone, unless they are very shallow.
      In which case, i'd say you could do ten times better anyway, anyone who put that as a reason, wouldn't be worth the hassle, you're willing to make :)
      Good luck :3