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  • Are You Ready For Sex?

    Am I ready for sex?

    Are you asking yourself this question? When deciding on whether or not you’re ready to have sex, you have to keep a few things in mind. First off, whether you’re going to be safe, how you feel about your partner, whether or not you’ll have any regrets, and your reasons for wanting to have sex.

    Feeling the Pressure?

    First off, it’s important that you’re not being pressured into having sex for the first time (or any time for that matter) if you don’t want to. So if you’re at all being pressured by someone and that is why you’re questioning whether or not you should have sex, then you’re not ready. If any of these things sound familiar to you, then you’re probably being pressured into it:

    • "You would if you loved me!"
    • "It's only natural!"
    • "Everyone else is doing it!"
    • "Don't you want to make our relationship stronger?"
    • "You'll have to do it sometime. Why not now, with me?"
    • "I'll be gentle, and it'll be really great, I promise."
    • "I'll only put it in for a second..."

    These are not the reasons to have sex. Anyone who says these things to you, are probably trying to put pressure on you and might not really care whether you're ready or not/ That is probably not the sort of person you want to have sex with, for your first time or any time.
    You also shouldn't have sex just because your friends are saying things like:

    • "You mean you've never done it?!?"
    • "I lost it when I was twelve..."
    • "Yeah, I've had sex loads of times..."
    • "You're a virgin, you wouldn't understand..."
    • "No one'll be interested in you if they hear you're frigid."
    • "It's amazing, you don't know what you're missing!"

    Having sex is your choice, and your choice alone.

    Am I Old Enough?

    Secondly, there is no set age for whether or not you’re ready to have sex. Some people can be ready at 16, others at 20. It all depends on whether you’re mentally and emotionally ready for having sex. For some people it’s difficult to cope with the thought of not being a virgin anymore. You also want to consider whether or not you could help care for a baby if an accident occurs, whether you practice safe sex or not.

    Am I prepared?

    If you don’t plan on using any protection, or don’t have the means of getting any protection, then you shouldn’t have sex. There are plenty methods of protection out there, from birth control to condoms. For more information on this, go here.

    As well as being prepared physically, think about how you feel emotionally, about yourself and your partner. What kind of feelings do you have for your partner? Did you just meet them? Are they just someone you started dating? Sex is best if you do it with someone you love and trust. If you can’t even talk to your partner about having sex, then you certainly are not ready to sleep with them. You need to be able to talk to your partner about your feelings about having sex. You also need to know if they’re ready. Give them a chance to express to you whether they’re ready or not for sex as well as yourself.

    Another thing to think about with having sex for the first time is, whether you know enough about sex or not. Knowing what to expect can really help with your decision, for example that it may hurt if you’re a girl, or that even when using the “pull out” method it can still cause pregnancy. If you don’t know anything about sex, what it entails, then you and your partner should do a little research first.

    Now, having sex can be awkward for the first time. That’s natural. But if you think you’re going to need to drink in order to be relaxed enough to have sex, then you’re not ready. Many people lose their virginity due to being drunk, or on drugs, and they regret it. So if you’re only thinking about having sex when you’re drunk or think you can only be relaxed enough when drunk, then it’s a no go.

    Ask Yourself....

    Think of these ten questions when deciding whether or not you’re ready to have sex for the first time:

    1. Am I doing it because I want to?
    2. Do I know my partner well enough?
    3. Is it legal?
    4. Do I feel comfortable enough with my partner to do this, and to do it sober?
    5. Do I know enough about sex?
    6. Will I be glad when I’m older that I lost my virginity at the age I am now?
    7. Can I talk to my partner about this easily?
    8. Do I know how to have sex safely?
    9. Do we both want to do this?
    10. Does it fit in with my/their personal belief?

    If you didn’t answer yes to all of these questions, then there are probably some issues you need to work through first, because all of these questions are important. This is not saying that if you answered yes to all of the questions you’re ready for sex. Those ten questions area guideline. Only you have the true answer as to whether or not you’re ready for sex.

    After reading this, and thinking about your decision, remember, if there's even the slightest doubt in your mind of "Am I really ready?" Then you're not. You'll be ready when you know you're 100% sure.

    You can’t get your virginity back once it's gone, so it’s important to wait until you’re ready.
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