does this 'shy' guy like me?

    • does this 'shy' guy like me?

      well~ im not 100% sure but we've been hanging with each other alot lately bit i've realized that he never really smiles. like..never!
      we talked about our problems, he even told me about his gf cheating on him (yet he forgave her)
      later he tells me that he broke up with her,cause he didn't feel the same anymore. he said "we don't even have anything in common." and it made me wonder cause we have somethings in common. (tell you about that later)
      he was the first to comment on my display photo on fb with a ♥ (in the morning)
      later than day, we hung out alone....cause he felt left out with his friends.. we walked around and sat alone (in a very deserted corridor) had lunch and we shared more things about each other, our past and pain.
      Then we were talking about other stuff ,but then i noticed when he was talking to me he was wasn't fake~ (i can tell cause i've forced him to smile before...) i'm 100% sure it wasn't fake. He seemed so happy.
      lunch ended , then after school.i was sitting alone waiting. he saw me and he was wlaking towards me, but my friend showed up and he stopped and tried to idk..make it less obvious. My friend walked away..then he came over and we talked abit.

      i guess we have abit in common, we were bullied ...our exs were douches (i told him about my ex) our friends didn't care much about us, we've both um.....were depressed before...and well.......
      i was wondering if he likes me...cause i we both came out of a bad relationship, so im not sure if it's time to make my move.

      Please help.