I don't know what to do </3

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      okay, i started talking to this guy like 3 or 4 months ago and we started dating a month ago . we started saying we loved each other pretty often and at first i really did love him but just lately ive been kinda freaked out by it for some reason and i decided to break up. he started crying on the phone telling me he loves me and he will always be there for me but that i really hurt him. ive been up all night crying and regretting everything but im so scared that if i tell him and we do try to work things out , im gonna end up hurting him again. i think i broke up with him in the first place because i was scared of being in love. hes my first true love and i guess its just new to me . but i feel like such a bitch for doing that to him. should i apologize and hope he forgives me and trust that i wont hurt him or just let it go and try to get over it ?? please... honest answers. im going crazy.
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      I get that you're afraid. I think you should give it another go. It seems that you really like this one and you haven't even completely given it a chance yet. The 2nd try might be better than the first now that you realize what it's like without him. But the next time before you decide on a a sudden break up like that again, first of all, really think about it. Give it about a week or two, and if you're absolutely sure after thinking about it for that long, then make the final decision to break up. Just so you don't make the same mistake again. And also... tell him how you feel. So he understands all of this and can help you with your fear. He hasn't done anything wrong yet, so you shouldn't be too worried yet... I think you should try again, but really, it's up to you.
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      Okay you just started dating a month ago after 3-4 months and you're already telling one another that you love each other. That's your first problem right there. Instead of getting so caught up in the beginning stages of infatuation, morons like you two toss around the love word to the point where it doesn't mean anything. Now he's all upset because reality is starting to kick in for you and now he's hurt.

      For future references, wait until you're for sure you love someone before you start tossing the word around. Sorry if I come across as a bitch, but naive and immature couples just really annoy the piss out of me.
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      Just so you all know , it's been a year & I am absolutely in love with this guy <3 true love really does exist !<33333& as for "mamabear" , shut up . I'm pretty sure I just proved you wrong :) 6.13.11<3 Alfeo Ampo is the LOVE of my life <3<3<3(: thanks to all of you who encouraged me to work things out :) it changed my life !

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      Ok first of all I like the part where you gave the reason why you think you broke up with him, use that when telling him how you feel and why you broke up with him, that's key and will definitely capture his heart. Guys like honesty, at least the type of guys that are like him. You've never had a true love? This is your chance to shine and fall in love. Fulfill what other girls dream they could have, an opportunity like this. Don't waste that. Have fun, make up, and be happy! :)
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