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      I kind of constructed my own route-en, but I based it off research and I'm sure others might have the same.

      Make a day to START your diet, for example I started mine on a Tuesday, so I weigh myself every Tuesday.

      Drink AT LEAST 8 glasses of water a day. (Liter's), I usually drink 4 in the morning and 4 at night.

      Look at the calories, it's proven that the amount of calories scare people. I look at "how much per/" on the calories. For example, 90 calories /per 13 veggie crackers, so I have about 13 of them and that's my snack. Supper, you don't really have to depend on much, just add some veggies. Breakfast, cereal, but not all SUGARY, you can have SOME, but not TONS. If you eat lunch, have an apply or a turkey sandwich.

      The last thing I hesitate, is "DO NOT RUN!", Running is proven not do as much as people think it does. Of course it feels like it is, but it isn't. Walking is proven to be 99.9% better for people under going a diet, or weight loss -

      For my walking, it's rather easy and simple. The first day I went for a walk, and I set a check point, which was about 30 minutes down the road, and turned around and came back (a 1 hour walk), then the next day I walked to that checkpoint, then past it as far as I wanted, but make sure it's a reasonable distance, not like '1cm' past the checkpoint, make it far so you know your proud, then set a new one, and then repeat it each day, make new ones, etc.

      Remember, your self motivation keeps you up. Only weigh yourself every once a week, I weigh myself every Tuesday, and I see results. I've lost 15 pounds in about a month, and I'm proud!
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      Protein bro, coupled with a healthy diet low in fats and sugar and your in business. Along with your new diet you need to work out because just doing that wont help you get bigger. You should try and work out about 3 times a week and give yourself days in between for rest because contrary to what many people say you actually build muscle outside the weight room while you're recovering. Look online for muscle building exercises. If you keep a healthy diet with nice proteins like fat free milk, low fat milks, and yes, even protein shakes coupled with a workout routine you'll be in the fast track to muscle growth. :)
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      Most of yall are giving him tips to lose weight. He wants to gain muscle.

      1st don't listen to the people who say eat low-fat or no fat foods. Fats do not make you fat only eating excess calories make you fat. You need fats.

      Start eating more protein and like one of the guys above me said read the stickies on bodybuilding.com.

      Now you will gain fat, but if you are working out correctly and gaining fat than that means you are gaining the most muscle possible. I would eat about 500 calories above maintenance to keep from gaining to much fat. If you run and jog or do any other exercises you should add on more calories.

      Remember it is Calories in vs Calories out. Which in your case you need more in.