Cost of therapist

    • Cost of therapist

      I don't know what to do. I want to get help but help is not on my side.

      I am a student so i couldn't really pay for a session. Yes, maybe one or two with my pocket money without eating for the whole day but it was only able for one or few sessions. It was so expensive here in my country.

      I am working part time job but im so afraid now whether or not to try and go for a session. I can't tell my parents. A lot of reasons why. And mostly bad reasons weight out more than the good ones. and i don't want them to pay for it. it cost around 160-180 per session. So, does it mean 1 time?

      Is anyone here going through, or once were in a psychologist, therapy? Do you mind to share about the process of it? thank you =)
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      Medical insurance should cover a lot of the therapists, at least mine was going to. I think it was through my Mom's work and that would've covered the insurance, but the pricing also works like how Linda said. If you want to go to a really popular therapists, normally those do charge by the hour. Greedy bastards and all, that's how it works where I live. Make sure you know if you want to get a psychologist, psychoanalyst, or a psychiatrist though. I doubt you really want a psychiatrist though, baha. Something to look into, though.

      The best you can do is just go to a psychologist's office and talk to him/her about the pricing and things.