• Being alone is my worst fear in the world. Even being alone in the house for an hour. I hear things and see things. I'm likely to end up hiding somewhere small and cramped where hopefully no one will see me. I have to be asleep before everyone else goes to bed and in the middle of the night. I am even scared to get up or to make any sounds or turn any lights on. I'm not necessarily afraid of the dark, just what might be in it. And did I mention that I have a fear that everyone might hate me other than a couple friends that I have chosen who seem like rather nice people? Or maybe its just that I am afraid to get too close to people because I'm afraid they will only hurt me in the end. All I know is I'm scared that someone is out to get me. But who you ask? Well that I'm not too sure of.
      Anything that could help?
    • As stated above, you can try to face your fears. Be sure to do it in baby steps.

      You also might have some sort of anxiety disorder; if you think that these thoughts/fears/feelings are interfering with your ability to function normally (and it sounds like they may be), you might consider seeing a professional.

      I'm certain you're not alone in your fears, but someone who has more experience may be better able to help you.