Dressing like a vampire for a movie

    • Dressing like a vampire for a movie

      Hi all,

      I've just joined this forum and really hope to get a lot of friends here.

      Does anybody like vampires?

      I'm asking that because I heard of a competition related to a comic book and a movie called Vampire Wedding. People are joining their Facebook page at facebook.com/vampirewedding to post their photos; the best ones will be featured as vampires in the comic book and in the movie. It seems you can also apply via an iPhone app.

      Honestly I was thinking to apply.

      Do you think it's a strange idea or there's someone else who'd like to do it?

      I even answered the questions of a quiz at quibblo.com/quiz/fvZHX0-/Which-Vampire-Wedding-Character-are-you?view_quiz=1 and got a confirmation I could be a good vampire.