I feel distant from him

    • I feel distant from him

      I feel more and more distant from my boyfriend each day. I can't see or talk to him outside of school until he gets his grades up, so the only place I can interact with him is at school. The problem is, he spends more time with his friends than he does me at all. If I finally get hold of him he gets distracted and ditches me for other people. I don't think it's on purpose though, he's always surrounded by people and I just want one moment to talk to him alone. If I get everyone to go away (which is very hard for me because I'm a shy person) more people come up and get in between us. I want to talk to him and tell him how I feel, sometimes I don't think I should because I don't want to cause him any trouble or make him feel bad, I want it to be better but I'm having trouble figuring out how. My friend recommended writing him a note, but I have trouble putting it down on paper. So should I tell him how I feel, and if so how can I? u.u
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      I can understand how you'd feel distant from him especially when it seems like he is avoiding you a little bit. I know that he may be busy, and it's important that he hangs out with his friends and talks to them too, but at the same time he's your boyfriend and he should find a way to balance both. I wouldn't write him a note only because by writing a note it's not as personable. He can't hear the emotion in your voice or truly know how you feel behind those written words. Just tell him when he has a moment you need to talk to him, and like Muppy said, find a quiet place to talk it out.
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      don't wait him, ignore for a week.check him,maybe he even will not try to make an effort to chat with u. if not,forget.be proud, and never run after boys.i think you need some other guy, who does not like to spend his time in big companies.i mean find a person like you. the more common interests you both have,more chances to save your relationship for a long time. good luck in your love affair!