To tell or not to tell!??!?!

    • To tell or not to tell!??!?!

      Hey guys,

      Basically I met a girl through a friend around 2 months ago. She gave me her number without asking for it, and we talk practically every day, both through text/messaging and in real life. Last week I mentioned that we should go get dinner then see a movie. She said she wasn't sure if her family had something planned on that day, but she'd love to if she was free.

      In the end there was something planned and we said another time. She then told me later on that if we do go, she doesn't want me to get the idea that we're dating, because she said she's gone out with guys before and after it, they thought they were dating. I said to her that I had no intentions of doing anything like that, and just wanted to hang out as two friends. She liked that idea. She always says "We've got to hang out more often".

      That was a week ago, and we've hung out in groups, and by ourselves a bit(pulling away from the group for a bit) since then. I've really come to like this girl, to the point where I'm talking/thinking about her basically all the time. She's exactly the kind of girl I want to be around and have in my life.

      My trouble is, I really don't think she likes me that way, and as much as I like her. I don't know if its best to get it out, tell her and risk the friendship, or keep it in and play it normal. I really want to tell her and let her know (She might be thinking the same, who knows?), but I'm not sure how she'd react. How would I hint it/say it to her?!?!

      Any help would be appreciated!