The UofCali [UC]! :|

    • The UofCali [UC]! :|

      Anyone else going to any University of California campuses?
      Not sure if there is another thread on this. :).

      What campus you at? and how you like it?

      I am studying at Uc-Riverside, from my perspective, I love the campus and the faculty and people. The area is improving, and is decent. But whatever you BAD information you heard, IT IS 80% not true. :):):rolleyes::rolleyes:
      Pity the fool.
    • Re: The UofCali [UC]! :|

      Kevin wrote:

      I wanted to apply to UC Berkeley, but their tuition is way too expensive.
      I'm probably going to go to an in-state school and then go to an out-of-state school as a graduate.

      The only information I heard about UCR is that it is the easiest UC school to get in stats-wise.

      Yeah, I wouldnt suggest going to any UC. Private colleges are probably your best bet of actually not wasting money.

      And yeah that was the information too, until recently they became pretty intense :(.
      Pity the fool.