how do i convince my parents to not kick me out?

    • how do i convince my parents to not kick me out?

      So, last year I got apprehended for shoplifting, and i did my punishments and all that. and then in December, I got caught smoking Marijuana, by my parents. knowing that I was gonna do it again, I'd promised them that I would never do it again. and when i did do it again, they found out about a month later. after i'f already started to clean up my act. Basically i make a lot of promises to my parents, and i've broken every one of them. I've basically been shunned this past week. but last night they sat me down and said that I have to leave, and that it's gonna be out of state. *They said that where I'm going, I'll be getting drug tested frequently. but they won't tell me WHERE. and that I'd be gone for an amount of time, because they don't want me having a negative affect on the family. they sent my step-brother away to his grandparents' last summer, because he caused so much stress to the family. and i've done worse than he did, so i know that they're not just trying to scare me. at the end of the whole conversation my mum said that at this point, there is nothing that i can say or do to stay here. i HAVE to go, but i don't want to. and this time when i say that i'll do better, i mean it. without even a thought of going back to my old ways. i really love every single member of my family, and leaving them would kill me. i don't wanna leave. do you think that if i make it obvious that i'm trying, they'll consider letting me stay?*:confused:
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      Judging from your post, you really messed up to be honest.
      Personally I think a better option is to see a psychologist, else you aren't going to get out of your old habits, since you promised them you'd quit over and over ( maybe a little over the top, but seriously Marijuana? ).
      Though I think sending you away, is only going to cause you to become more addicted to bad stuff.

      Personally I understand you're parents wanting you to leave, but it's only going to move the problem, making it probably even worse.
      Try and talk to your parents, and try and figure out a way not to break your promises and get rid of all off that bad stuff ( like some help from outside ).
      If they don't want that, you can try and deal with the situation in a different state, show them that you can be a 'good' kid, maybe than they will forgive you.

      Good Luck!
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      Listen, are you still in the school? If you are , show them you have good grades.
      And every dinner time or any family gathering. You should be always present and
      have some conversation, just talk to your parents and open up about the things of what
      you want. Why did you screw them and mess it up all around. Say sorry to your parents
      and keep it open all of your problems.
      ( Don't forget to help your mother preparing food for dinner if you want to make out of it.)
      They will surprise and slowly they will be realize the lacks to the family. ^_-
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      Maybe give them a reasonable alternative to leaving. Could you take up volunteering? Could you attend a church youth group? Could you attend therapy? Could they give you a weekly drug test? Maybe do some research and come up with some options that you are ready and willing to take on whole heartedly... and start doing better in school.
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