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      well i soppose try doing webcam for a guy and make sure you can see the guy too and masterbate on webcam i did it and i was as nervous as hell at first i couldent quite get off from my nerves but i loved to do it and see him do it and that kinda confirmed my thoughts on my sexuality after that trying going out with a guy some good places to find them is at local sexual events i havnt done this yet but im sure if you google events for bisexual's you could find a list on wikipedia or just go straight to an organised events homepage and find the date. i wish you luck
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      I suggest you actually start dating a guy first. Can you imagine dating one? Have you been romantically attracted to men/boys before?

      If not, you may just want the sexual side of things. If so, I think you should try dating a guy first and then progress to sexual relations.
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      You could always use this type of setting to meet others that feel similar to you. Like see if there are any Bisexual people here that live near you, or do a search for bathhouses in your area. My skills at meeting guys is not very good either, I love it when the other guy makes a pass then I don't have to worry about should I make a pass, and we can get straight to business. My first experience with another male was one of my best friends. We were just sitting around talking about stuff then sex came up and we talked about masturbating and he thought he was the only one who played with himself and I said I do it all the time so he said how and I described it and he said I want to see, so I said why don't we do it together? So we both got naked and started jacking off, then that lead to "Let me hold it and stroke you", which lead to, "Can we rub our dicks together?", then "How does it taste?" So we went from discovering that we both masturbate, to sucking each other off in a few days. I liked it, especially when he climaxed in my mouth, but he said mine made his jaws hurt and he didn't like the way cum felt or tasted in his mouth. So I ended up being the suckee for the rest of our experimentation. He went on to sleep with tons of chicks while I still like to do guys as well as girls.