How does friendship works?

    • How does friendship works?

      I mean, when you like a person (as a friend or a crush, anything), you like that person. But why do you like that person? It's the "way-to-be" of that person, I think...

      Then what happens if that person starts to talk to other people, people you don't like?? I know it's confusing, but I have a friend (yeah, it's a girl, but I'm not friendzoned xD), and last year we were best friends. She had just arrived to my school and she didn't know nobody. And I was the first person she talked to.

      But now she talks to a lot more of people (most of them people I don't like), and sometimes I really get angry inside, because she's no more that good and kind person (yeah, i think we are no longer best friends).

      Anybody knows that felling??