Do video profiles work?

    • Do video profiles work?

      Just joined.. So I had a question. I'm doing a whole bunch of Internet Dating mainly because I don't have the time with all the school to go and meet someone in a bar/club..

      And I made an online profile and I'm not really getting any messages. One guy told me that if you make a video profile it will help you get a lot more replies than just pictures.

      He was telling me to use - did anyone ever make a video profile and if so, have you seen an improvement?
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      i haven't made a video profile or any internet dating profile at all yet. However, I can imagine that if i would see a person with a video-profile, i would rather response to this profile than to any other profile. A video shows much more of yourself than any picture, since in a video you have also audio. you can hear the person and that makes you feel like the person would be really there.
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      I've never heard of Keek, but I have used other sites. I doubt that I'd actually take the time to watch a video intro, although I suppose it's possible that I would. But I tend to be more of a fan of the pay-profile sites anyhow (rather than the free ones), and since I'd likely have to pay extra to see the video content I find it unlikely that I would even have the ability to view them.
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      Your main photo should be no more than four years old. If you look preposterously more attractive in it than you do in real life, that's fair enough, if it really is a recent photo of you. However, to prevent a date's crushing disappointment followed by bitter resentment, you should include some more realistic shots in your extra photos.