My friends family...

    • My friends family...

      My friends family is putting so much pressure on her, I'm about ready to punch one of them in the face. Her family has always been a little messed up, but now that her dad moved out of state, shes been forced to live with her loony mom full time for the first time. Her mom is... ugh. She goes out drinking and partying with her friends alot, and leaves all the responisibility to her daughter. My friends been really upset and stressed over this, to the point wear shes barely get any sleep. It kills me to see her like this. So I told her to talk to her mom about it. Apparently, whenever she tries to discuss something important with her, her mother breaks down crying. My friend already has enough going on between school, friends, money, and dealing with her dads move. How can I help her out?!
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      Doesnt she have any other family members where she can stay at for a while? her mom needs to find some help about drinking and such, maybe her mom is stressed out about the whole situation too and uses that as her solution. Her mom needs to find someone who can talk to her and find a solution for whats happening now. Maybe your friend can talk to her mom herself too about all whats going on and that her mom doesnt need to go out and drink since that doesnt do any good to her too.

      Other things you can do is just be there for her and support her, I see that you do already so thats really good thing. Or maybe you can sleepover with friends with her and such so she doesnt have to do all those things alone.
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      You pointing out that the family is weird is huge help already.
      I had a crazy family and I didn't even know they were crazy until my friends started to talk to me about it.

      I think in order to help her out, you can help her see what is wrong in the daughter mm relationship by giving her book to ad about similar situations.
      Toxic parents is a classic, but normal child rearing guidebooks actually help kids to see if there are anything wrong with what they have of are experiencing right now,

      There are tons of book like that in the library, so ask her to come with you and do some reading.
      Once her mind grasps tha tides that she is being mistreated, then she will next try to seriously figure out how to change things.

      Good luck!