when will i get boobs?

    • when will i get boobs?

      rght now im 14 almost 15 and i havent hit ym period and dont even have lumps yet! all my freinds have them and i think some r starting 2 not like me anymore bc i dont have huge boobs like them i dont have any hair anywhere where it was when i was born. i really want to mature but i want to fast. none of the guys want to go out with me because i dont have boobs.

      P.S. when i do have my period, will it hurt and what should i do to make sure nothing embarrising happens like im at school and have it infront of my crushes??
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      I can't say much about girly stuff, as I am a guy and ofcource dont have that experience.
      But About late maturity, it's not a problem. I am less matured too. I am 18 but look like 15 or 14. And you shouldn't be ashamed of it!
      Everything happens for good and soon you will have like other friends.

      What makes you think that guys who just don't want to be going around with you since you dont got huge boobs are good?
      They just want to use you, dont they?
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      some friends of mine started maturing in 5th grade, and then other still havent. in our school we watch a lot of sex ed. movies so pretty much everyone understands that people mature faster and slower than others, so no one gets made fun of. I feel really bad for you because people shouldnt get made fun of for something beyond their control
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      its not fair though, my mom said that she matured wen she was only 12 or in mabe 6 grade!!! my skool doesnt teach us a lot of stuff like this so i dont know alot of it. are thier any webpages i can find that will explane eveything to me clear and that can answer my questions about liek will it hurt and about tampans and pads?
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      I would be glad to wait that old to start period. My mom cramps a lot, but she eat almonds a week before hand, 1 handful a day and it helps a whole lot, she can get out of bed now! But like my sis, she has hers and she has no cramps or nothing. Guess it just depends on the person.
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      The guys who choose their girlfriends by seeing huge boobs and all that i think they are not suitable to be friends.Maturity does not depend on ones boobs or body hair,it depends on your thoughts.if you still worry about it,you can consult a doctor.You may be suffering from hormonal disorder.
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      It's crooked to think that guys don't want you because you don't have big boobs. Guys don't necessarily drool over big boobs and will reject you if you have tiny ones. If that's how you think about it then perhaps you have some kind of an attitude problem. You shouldn't be ashamed if you're not maturing yet. Some people hit it early while some are a little bit late. Relax a little, you'll have your period in the right time and you'll have your boobs soon too.
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      Well think of your selve lucky your mom won't have to have the it talk with your mom every time yo come home 14 hours late.The boob thing,don't worry about it besides if they get big you will wish that they are mall again because the male attention is annoying sometimes:rolleyes:
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      Buttons wrote:

      Christ. She's only 14. Don't tell her she might have a 'hormonal disorder'.

      If you don't have your period at 14, you don't need to worry for a second. It's still very very early.

      Heh, heh. Right. The real issue is why can't we wait for nature to take its course? Some girls don't even get bumps out front until they are 18. Personally, I like modestly-sized mammaries since I got small hands.

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      take it easy and take your time. dnt rush and dnt care about your friends, its not your fault if you are not maturing as fast as them. some people take a little longer to enter the development stage. its all about your body. everyone is not alike.
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      Oh boy. Periods can be sometimes a real curse!

      I agree with everything Tammi here said. And as about your breasts, I had my first period two years ago and yet my breasts havent taken shape or grown that much....oh well. I'm just thirteen anyway lol. So dont worry. After you'll have your first period your body will start changing amazingly quickly ;)
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      it'll happen, stop rushing yourself!!! Pluz some girls that have huge boobs at a young age will reget it later in life. And your a slow bloomer, don't worry it'll happen sometime!!!!
      "I am outspoken,opinionated, and determind. I want what i want and theres nothing wrong with that! Try to stomp me, destroy me inner flame, squash my beauty! Trust me..you wont succeed! If i am a bitch so be it, and i embrace the title and proud to bear it!"
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      ok one it does not hurt it feels wired the first time and yes you will have to have your friends look at you but all the time but this is normal ,trust me ihave had mine now for about going on 7 years.... i just hope you are blessed with a timed one not one i have that can hit at any time ....... and yes when your fist p comes sorry don't like saying the word it make me have mine ... the boobs will grow and yes they will be sore .... and no that will not make you less liked ......................if you need to know any thing let me know
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      There is nothing as such to be felt let down or such for this problem as like all other posters here I too will say that this is something which you will automatically develop with time and the said period can vary from person to person. For instance I know people who had this even before they began their periods and some did not develop it even after 4 years of time from their periods. So once the time comes it will happen naturally, dont worry be happy.
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