What are your thoughts on Kanye West?

    • What are your thoughts on Kanye West?

      Personally, I like him.

      I know that he's a very controversial figure in music, and I realize he's done some really stupid, stupid things (you know what I'm talking about).

      But, seriously, I quite like him as an rapper. He's got this feel about him when he raps. I find it intriguing. He certainly doesn't sound like a lot of the other modern rappers.

      As cliche as it sounds, I think he keeps it real, and I respect his work.

      I can't say anything about him personally, because obviously I don't know the guy, but at least career-wise, I think he's pretty good.

      I guess I'm just posting this because he gets a lot of hate from a lot of people, but I don't think his music should be judged on it. There are a lot of worse rappers out there, and they're clearly not the best people either, but they don't get anything about it. It just seems a little unfair. I know he's done some stuff, and probably will keep doing it, but I don't think you should diss his music because of it.

      What about you guys? Like him? Hate him? Couldn't care less?