What do I do now?!

    • What do I do now?!

      I had a college formal last night and I took this girl that I am very interested in, and depending on how the night went, I was going to ask her out even further since we had been getting along quite nicely. I have been talking to her for a few weeks, and we have had casual dinner a few times.
      We had a great dinner together, and with the friends, the dance was kinda lame, but we made the best of it. Despite the dance being lame, we were with friends and found other stuff to do in our rooms. Everything was going great. We had been having a great time together.

      Then, when we were sitting in our room with some friends, she gets a call and goes into another room for 30-45 minutes. A friend of hers told the group that she was talking to her new boyfriend of now 2 days. My heart sank. I was trying to think of it as a joke, and I left the room because we were all going to to go to another friends room. She remained there talking on the phone, with some friends and was going to come to the room in a few minutes. When I went to the friends' room, I asked a mutual friend of ours if he could see if this whole BF thing was for real. He spoke with her, and then he told me that she did indeed have a BF but she was very uncertain about it and where she stands with it. He also told her that I liked her, and she was completely surprised by that. She said she felt really bad, and wasn't trying to hide anything.

      My friend told me that I was in a better position than I think. He said she is really bad at reading people and their feelings. He says she is very independent and has experienced some bad situations in her life in which she really needs a stable relationship. Guys she dates now are guys that can take of her when she is drunk, but they aren't really there for her when she is sober. My friend just told me to wait it out, and see how things go. I feel really ****ty right now, because I really like her, but she now has a BF. When she found out about this, she left the party and the hotel we were staying at, and told me over text . . .

      What should I do? Should I step away and just be friends? Please help!