"Father" issues.

    • "Father" issues.

      Well, my dad has been abusive my whole life. It used to be worse but I didn't use to let it get to me. I don't exactly know how to handle it anymore. The thing is, I don't think it's bad enough for the authorities to do anything about it. My friend told me it would have to leave a mark, which it had, it just doesn't last very long and I DON'T bruise easy. Also, he spanks me. And not for discipline. Like playfully, like how a guy would do to his girlfriend. I didn't think it was abnormal til I got friends and noticed their dads didn't do that. So please. Any advice on what to do about this would be lovely. Thanks.
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      My dad playfully spanks me. Not like what guys would do to their girlfriends... But still. And my dad is slightly abusive too... And I think u should tell someone with higher authority. Maybe not necessarily the police? But like a teacher u can trust or aunt or uncle, just an adult u can trust and they will probably help u figure it out.