like women but dont want to date wdf is wrong with me?

    • like women but dont want to date wdf is wrong with me?

      so il put this in point form so its easier to read, it may look long but its not.

      -boss hires new girl who went to my school, never spoke to her, but seen her around

      -she breaks up with her boyfriend because he wants to have sex and she doesn't so he cheats on her

      -we become friends and have a lot of mutual friends so we have a lot to talk about.

      -she shows me a written note on her phone saying "will you go to prom with me?" i read it and play it off saying "who sent u that?" she replies "hahhah i dont know". It was not a text it was a question towards me, but i didn't have feelings for her and didnt want to say something that might hurt her

      -she constantly invites me to her campus, but i never went, she is off campus now, cause her parents caught her partying and took her off.

      -I have a feeling she likes me and im starting to like her. She always hangs around me, always touching me, doesn't mind when i touch her, snaps if any of the other guys at work try to.

      -me and other co-worker are talking about sex with gf and bf and say its ok as long as its your bf or gf. She comes in and says "im not a virgin, i had sex with my ex lOLOLOL". As far as i can remember she told me that was the issue.

      -Before we started getting closer she would still hang with her ex at lunch, she no longer hangs with him, she hangs with me at lunch now.

      -she makes fun of my height, but we are the same height.

      -she gets annoyed if i look at other girls or say "oh shes hot"

      -she very rarely ever says a guy is hot around me i don't mind though it doesn't bother me

      -She tells me that in order for her to like a guy and date him, they have to know each other for a while and trust each other before, I agree with her, thats exactly how i develop feelings.

      -whenever my other co worker freinds say u guys should date, your perfect for each other, she never denies it or says no.

      -her dad is a major cock block, does not approve of guys at all. when we walk out of work together i have to wait for her to get into her car first, then i can go to mine so he doesn't see me. He asked about me, and im pretty sure since we are different religions he would kill her if we hung out too much (hes also abusive)

      -there is also this other guy that likes her, but she tells me she loves him, but only as a friend. I have not told her i have feelings for her, afraid she may not feel the same and just make everything awkward

      -I like her and i think she likes me, but i don't know what to do, i really don't want to date her and risk it going bad and losing her as a friend, because its happened before...

      what do i do? how do i know for sure she likes me without asking her? My emotions are clouding my better judgment :(

      Not a jealous man, but females lie, But I guess that's just what you do, How could it ever be just us two?
      Never loved you enough to trust you...