I have no talent

    • I have no talent

      I'm not really good at sports, streching, exercising, and I'm not flexible. My P.E coach makes me feel like total crap. One time my friend told her I did eight push ups, she looked at her with her cold eyes and gave her a dirty look not believing her when we recording how many push ups we could do. I did do eight push ups but my arms weren't in a *very accurate position. Anyways, this coach thinks I can't do anything. Honestly it's her job to help me improve, not to make me feel bad!*
      I can't sing. I'm tone deaf, which sucks because I used to want to be a singer but my mom told me it's useless to be famous and she won't accept it. So those dreams are shattered.*
      I can draw, but not like a professional. I'm good a doodling, and making designs and weird random stuff -doodling- but is that really a talent? On second thought, I'm not even that good!
      I can say I'm good with technology but I don't want that as my talent!! There was no technology back then so what would I have if I lived in my grandma's age? And isn't any teenager these days good with their tumblr and blogs?*
      I never get applauded by my creativity, just hearing people comment other people's work and ignore mine's. I don't get noticed that much.
      I suck at being a makeup artist, I don't even put on makeup.
      The only things I like (but will never be best at and have a whole freaking documentary about it) is: Swimming (oh so hard), writing, playing the piano (I'm having private lessons & I'm a beginner), painting, drawing, and nothing else. I'm just a fourteen year old loser. I wasn't in gymnastics for eight years. Or in a soccer league thing. I can't draw a human's face or a river. I have good grades in school, but I hate school. I can't dance. I BARELY know the piano because I'm still learning but it's not that fun so far.. I feel like I should blame my parents for keeping me locked up in my childhood years never taking me to YMCA stuff, getting me into ballet, sports, gymnastics, e.t.c no matter how much I begged them and how many promises they would break. I was in YMCA soccer last year, it SUCKED. I SUCKED. I embarrassed myself. I hated it. I hate myself.*

      So what is a talentless loser like me going to do? I'm pretty much too old now to have experience with anything when I was younger, since I did nothing when I was younger but eat and sit at home on the Internet or t.v. Freaking parents who were always too busy for me.
      **also did I mention that now as I'm entering the wonderful world of high school that I won't have time for ANYTHING? My parents made me wait for too long. If I had started doing some class in sports, or music a long time ago, I would be good at something now.
      I don't know what to do at this point. Too many adults have put me down already..making me want to give up and not try again. I honestly don't want to give up, I really want to try but I have no one to support me and help me out.. People have already seen me fail...I just want to be noticed for something...for once.
      Sorry if this was long, I just needed to vent this out.
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      Ohmylord. I feel the exact same way, 100%.

      Only I love writing, I consider that my talent. I've been writing for a long time actually.

      The problem is that nobody really wants to read novels or written work these days. Most people hate reading. The ones that don't hate reading, don't want to read what I've written because it isn't the Hunger Games or Harry Potter.
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      I used to have also those kind of frustrating feelings, but then i've realized that actually vast majority of the people are just like me and don't have any notable talent either. I think people think that special talent is such an important thing just because many celebrities we know (famous musicians, actors, etc...) have a special talent. But actually, talent is not the thing that will determine if you have successful life. Other factors, such as social skills, are much more important. Absence of any special talent doesn't make you any loser at all, it makes you a regular person. Focusing on the things you like to do, even if you're not extremely talented at them, is much more constructive and healthy than complain on such relatively negligible issue. Hope i helped :)

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      dude i have no talent at all...but i'll never give up in finding wht im truly good at. If you find something you really love to do then just stick with it. If u put your mind to it im sure u can do it!!
      and your coach is an ass...ignore her..she's just one miserable lady tht probably had a very horrible childhood ;D
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      Don't lie to the girl. Not everyone has 'a talent'. Not everyone is creative. Not everyone is intelligent. Not everyone is great at sports. Some people are all three, some people are none of those things.

      Not everyone is special... and telling people who may not be special that they are special isn't going to do them any good in the long run... sorry if that makes me seem like an asshole but it's the truth.
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      Join a team. it doesnt matter what team you join. You dont even have to be good at it. You`ll get better if you stick with it, and something about being apart of a team. Its the esprit de corps of working with those people. A boxing or MMA gym would be a good idea, those people will love you, you will become their family.
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      What the heck are you blaming your parents for? This was the only part of your rant that matters...

      ducksrcool wrote:

      I did nothing when I was younger but eat and sit at home on the Internet or t.v.

      You listed a whole bunch of stuff you've tried, and nothing that you've worked at. You don't get amazing at something off talent alone. Someone like Kobe Bryant or whoever has a shit load of talent. But they didn't become amazing by NOT working at it a ton everyday.

      Find something you enjoy. Then work on it, no matter how crappy you are at it right now. That's how you get skilled in something.
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      I actually searched this up on google (because I have the same problem haha). But there is absolutely no reason to think you are a mistake. It may sound cliche, but nobody is intrinsically better than you. Nobody is cooler than you. They didn't go to cool school. The fact that you have TRIED all these things makes you open-minded, adventurous.
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      First of all, the only person you should blame is yourself. If you always blame others than your giving them all the power.
      Secondly, you don't need a talent. All a talent is is something we can FEEL. Thats what makes anything fun. I don't mean physically feel, but you can like feel it in a different sense. And I noticed from experience that anything new you try, you don't get that second sense. It takes time and sometimes it can take a long or short time, but I think eventually, if you keep at something for long enough, you'll develop that second feeling. And having that second feeling is the talent, the skill.

      And also, stop talking yourself down. Seriously. Its pissing me off. You're describing yourself as a loser and if you keep that up you'll never be anything more than a loser. You have to see yourself as more than that before you can make any type of progress.
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      seriously, i sense that you over look things much more than what you should and dont focus on them. you start somewhere, oftenly at the bottom. thats how most people who are famous/rich became who they are today, by starting from the bottom and 'working' their way up and not giving up. i watched a documentary once of this kid that had no legs and half of his arms from birth. he wanted to become a wrestler and tried all he could. he lost, and kept on loosing his matches. people would just feel sorry for him and think it was just sad of him to try achieve something that they all thought he could never achieve. this kid kept giving it his hardest and after over 100 matches he won his 1st match. ever since then he started wining more and more matches. he prooved all those people wrong who thouht it was impossible. he inspired people around the whole world. you have your arms, you have your legs. you have nothing stopping you except for how you think... dont think negative :)
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      i didnt even finishing reading ur post and i already know 3 talents you have:
      1. You write very well.
      2. You have a great sense of humor. if you said what u just wrote as a standup put-yourself-down routine u'd have ppl rolling on the floor laughing... not at you but how you put urself down ;)
      3. You have a talent for putting yourself down and grovelling in the muck... u shud work on getting rid of that one.

      everyone is born with a talent for something. but its up to you to find out what it is. chill out man.