Why am I friends with these people?

    • Why am I friends with these people?

      I've been thinking for awhile why I hang around these three kids in my neighborhod, Brynton, Gabe, and Colin. I can never make a half decent video with them around, and recently I've been avoiding them after a certain incident where I was riding my bike and saw them and pulled into the garage. Gabe came into the garage (wth!) and really, I didn't feel like talking to them so I said "Hey, I gotta eat dinner. Yeah, we usually eat dinner this early."(to be continued when i get better keyboard, char. limit)
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      As I was saying, apparently they thought I was lying (I kinda was) and I was rushing for the front door, Colin (the smart ass) grabbed me and put me in a headlock (WTH!) and pretty much lifted me off the ground. Do they do this because I can't fight? Anyway, I was eventually pinned to the ground and they were making fun of me since my great grandfather was hispanic (how did they know THAT?) and they kept asking for me to say things in spanish ("motherfucker" was what I said) (To be continued)
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      as I was recovering from Brynton kicking me in the testicles, I said "Wait, isn't Gabe half mexican?" and gabe said "Yeah I know" (WTH!!!!!!!) later I said ".....don't make me call the cops" , so Colin said "You probably don't even have a phone!" So I pulled out of my pocket my phone, while guarding my wonderdog, and he tries to take it! (WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!) later I managed to escape and my stepdad comes out and says, "Dinner's ready." I gave them the "I told you so!" face (TO BE CONCLUDED)

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      after that, I said "No, you can not wait in my front yard."

      What do you think? Did I make the right choice? I've been through worse, but what pissed me off the most was the thing about my great grandfather. It's a family secret. I've never had the guts to bring it up near my dad. Anyway, thanks for reading. Reply what you think. Bye.
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      I think you need to grow a pair and show them that they're on the wrong side of the line.

      Personally, if my "friends" did this I would put him in a body lock on the floor and tell him not to bother me anymore. Probably not the best solution for adults, but hey, we're teens here and running on hormones so its justifiable.

      Don't take crap from them. They're being jerks because they see that you allow them to push you around. All you have to do is prove them wrong and they'll back off.
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      Dude if these are your friends, I'd hate to hear about your enemies. Get better friends. These guys are losers, and you're not much better if these are the kind of people you call your friends.
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