A wittle advice please

    • A wittle advice please

      :confused:I have a wittle paranoia problem about mi boyfriend talking to other women, well not all women. His best friend is his ex girlfriend and i get a wittle scared about them being together (they in same tech class all day)and he gets really defensive if i ask him about texts and email she has sent him. I trust him but it seems like he purposely hiding stuff from mi. he say it because i over react, which i tend to do alot, but i feel there is an hiding meaning behind it.:confused: note we been together two and half years and his ex and him dont want anything thing but friend relationship with no ex benefits just friends. :confused: is i getting all paranoid for nothing or am i being jealousy because she sees him all day.
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      I used to feel the same way when my fiance talked to his ex (but they have kids together) you have to put your trust in him or else the relationship is not going to work. He has to know that you trust him. I know it's not easy to just not think about it but if he hasn't done anything showing that he wants to be with her again you should feel safe knowing that he wants to be with you and only you.
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      Agreed. It is normal to feel that way. You really like your guy and you just wanna feel safe that he wont do anything behind your back. Have you tried telling him how you feel? Let him know how you feel when he txt his ex and than seeing how it affects you he should want to back off from talking with her.