Dose she likes me? What should I do?

    • Dose she likes me? What should I do?

      I am 18 old guy and she is 15. Our dad's are best pals. Either their family or ours visit each other's place twice a year. We both are really close to each other. She is shy type and so am I. She doesn't talk much. She becomes really quite especially when I am around her. We don’t talk much; she just answers what I ask her about. Whenever our families go on vacations, we both would sit together in car holding hands and we would always stay close to each other, she would let me hold her hand all the time. She is really shy type of girl, she doesn’t even talk to other men’s let alone letting them touch her (she isn’t even close to her own dad)

      Last year when she came, our cousins started to tease her about us being couple and started singing romantic songs just to tease her. She started crying back then. . I don’t know whether she likes me or not. So this time when she came, I avoided being close to her, not even tried to talk with her. I thought she would get close to me, but she didn’t. We haven’t gone far than holding hands in the past, so there is no question of me abusing or hurting her feelings and I know for sure she doesn’t like anyone else. So what’s going on, does she started to hate me because our cousins teased her. I didn’t want to tell her that I like her till she is 18. I wanted to confess that I really like her, once she is 18. But I now fear that if I am not be able to be close to her, she would eventually think that I lost interest in her and would start to like someone else. What should I do, now? Why is she so silent when I am around her.
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      I think she did like you, and may still have feelings but feels afraid to show them for some reason. Maybe she didn't make the connection with you and dating officially, and it shocked her. Also, if you reacted in a bad way to the joke, that is an instant sign to her. Definitely keep talking to her, unless she says not to. When you feel it is right, touch her again (not immidiately holding hands, but a light touch on the arm/shoulder should do the trick)
      Good luck!!! :D :cool:
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      she likes you bro. you said that she's the shy type so its kinda obvious she'd cry if her cousins teased her bout you. i think you should wait for a bit before asking her out though. she's probably worried that you think she's just a kid and that she's too young for you. why don't you get her number and talk to her and call her once in a while so that you'll dont lose contact. and try complimenting her a bit. whether she's shy or not she'll like it
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      I would say she likes you. Just go for the jugular and ask her out on a date, the worst she can do is say no, and if you let the opportunity pass you'll beat yourself up over it for weeks.

      Trust me it's better to have asked and been turned down than it is to never have asked at all.