Me and my dad arguing about tattoos

    • Me and my dad arguing about tattoos

      So when I turn 18 I want to get a tattoo. Nothing major, maybe some lyrics that I always thought were really motivational on my forearm or something simple like that. I'm turning 18 in 2 months so I will be legal. I want to get one because I've always liked the art and I thought it would be a good way to express myself. Plus they look nice/cool/interesting which doesnt hurt :). But ever since I told my dad about my desire he has been on my ass about it. Saying how I shouldn't tattoo my body up, how i'm a young person and i'm thinking like a young person, it's going to look horrible when I'm older, etc. I understand his concerns and I get them. But at the same time, this has been something I have wanted for over a year. I have had time to think about the consequences and I feel I am ready. My dad doesn't think so and he will not stop bothering me about it. How can I make him understand or at least get him to accept my soon to be tattoo?? Thank you!
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      Well you could try to talk with him about it and tell him that you always thought about it.. and really thought about it to get a tattoo.
      Since i understand what he means.. he just doesnt want you to regret it later, so just try to make it clear that youve liked it for a long time and such.
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      If you want it you want it. It's your body. If you were to poll people with tattoos, they're probably more likely to regret the first, and also more likely to regret at least one of theirs if they have more than one. But so long as you don't tat your face or some girls name or some nazi shit or something I think there are worse things to regret in life than a drawing on your body. I have 3/4 sleeve on my arm. People say it will look like shit when I'm older and I tell em "Yeah I know, along with everything else. Nothing on me and no part of me is gonna look good when I'm 80..." Do what you want...
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      Ok I can't help you much with the whole convincing your dad thing because both my parents have multiple tattoos so they were never mad when I got mine. I have 4. But I do want to remind you to try to keep them in places that can be hidden until you have a secure job/career because visible tattoos such as the forearm can limit you job wise. And make sure you're getting something that will always mean something to you, don't get something stupid that 10 or 20 years down the road you won't like anymore. Just remember those 2 very important things =]
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      hey i'm rachel... ill be 17 in less then a month and i too am thinking about getting a tat... which my mom is very much against. I have come to the conclusion that making her understand is impossible and so I have stopped trying! I am going to get one whether she likes it or not! Just be yourself.... your dad might never agree and it is not your job to force him to.... get one and dont tell him about it.... wait until he sees it and act surprised that he didnt know... or something

      hope that helped
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      You've gotten good advice. I feel like i have little to add.

      I agree it's your decision. There is nothing your dad can do once you turn 18.

      Also, make sure to choose carefully. I always thought that words were more "dangerous" in terms of the passage of time than pictures.

      I would think that when skin sags (and it will, even if it is 40 years away) words will be unreadable, but pictures will just look stretched out.