best method (preferably experienced SIers)

    • best method (preferably experienced SIers)

      i'll try not to waste much of your time, all i need is for some experienced peoples' advice on the best method of burning.

      i've cut in the past, i've made cold burns (frostbite by aerosol spray cans) but now i want to try burning. i tried putting a needle under lighter flame and using that, very ineffective. the needle cools down far too quickly to actually do anything except feel warm. i've tried putting a 9v battery to a metal chain while its against my skin, that seemed to be the only method that works but its not really preferred because i can't hold the chain against my thigh without burning my fingers. i don't want any visible signs, so i need a method that'll let burn efficiently. please no cigarettes, i'm a non smoker and h8 the smell of cigarettes. i need a method that will allow me to burn as long as i'm applying pressure. preferably electrical rather than actual flame because we have smoke detectors and actual fires are more prone to trigger them than hot metal

      please don't preach to me... yes, i know what i'm doing. yes, i know the consequences. no, i'm not emo. no, i'm not an attention seeker. no, i'm not depressed. i've been through this phase before, it'll pass soon, but for now i need to face it. the area i plan to burn is already riddled with like some... 200-300 cuts (and no, none of them are visible) so all the "destruction" is contained in an already "destroyed" area.

      please, if you wish not to suggest a method, please don't post. mindless preaching is usually what keeps me away from discussing the subject but i couldn't think of a good way and i rather not risk parents finding out or setting the house on fire. so any suggestions to the proposed question, welcome, and to anyone else (preachers, flamers, trollers etc) ,,|,, (-_-) ,,|,,

      thanks for reading

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      I suggest you to talk with someone around you and tell them what you are doing to yourself and why you are doing it.
      nobody will just tell you methods to hurt yourself.
      You will need to talk with someone and tell them about it so they can help you.
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      knowing you've missed your shot.
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      well i don't really have issues. you see, my SI was an experiment. i started SI to experience what it is and how it feels first hand. somehow ended up getting hooked to it. then i stopped after ~6months. now i SI once every month or two. its really just a remembrance and honor of the 6 months (yea i know i'm weird). now i want to experiment with burning. flame burning is hard cuz well flame goes up so i can't really force it down on my leg, flame heating is out of the question b/c flame heating tends to trigger the smoke alarm so electric heating would probably have to be it. right now i plan to take two wires and strip them from the middle. hooking up a battery would heat up the middle but the edges would be insulated so i can hold it. really, i have no real issues. i underwent depression about 2-3 years ago but thats that. right now i'm fine. but then again, i guess anything and everything that doesn't follow the sequence of the "normal" is considered wrong in the world.

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