i feel so alone )----:

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      I agree with what they said, ^ you definitely don't have good friends if they just go around without you and don't feel like hanging out with you.. Find some new friends, or even so, maybe you should go up to one of them and invite them to do something. Who knows, maybe you can make a new best friend to stick close to and be a pair with! Quality is always better than quantity, when it comes to friends :) whatever you do, you gotta change something! It's not you, it's them. Be confident! good luck!
      Take Risks. Do things beyond your boundaries. If you don't, you'll never know what you missed! :kiss:
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      Sorry if my reply is a little late, but i know how you feel. I have experienced that too. Hmm, advice... hang in there! :D Eh... that was crappy advice. Sorry. :D I experience that because i am too shy to ask if i could come along, have you tried asking that? It could help. But i know it's hard, don't take pressure! :D

      Koita kestää! :D