Does he like me? Or is he not interested?:(

    • Does he like me? Or is he not interested?:(

      So, to make a long story short, i like this guy. We've met in person once & we both go the same college, the college is in my hometown down south and he lives way up north. I'm waiting on him to come back for fall semester. I approached him first on facebook. We are now texting each other, at first i'd have to text him first and most time he doesn't ever text back. A few times he has been like "im sorry i didn't text back i was busy" or something similar. The other day i was surprised to get a message from him saying "Wassup" and we texted for a while and ofc after a while he never texted me back. So last night at 12 am he texted me saying "hello senorita :)" and we texted about our fave food and when i told him my favorite dessert he never texted me back. I even resent the message the next morning but still no reply. One time he said he never got my message, some people say they don't get my messages after a while. Idk what it is. I don't want to seem annoying but im glad hes been texting me first sometimes. I've been pushing to talk on the fone or something similar but i either don't get a reply or he'll say we'll do it another night. He doesn't short text me or anything. So i can't really tell by that. I really want him to like me. Any advice?
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      well from the looks of it , it doesnt seem like he likes you that much right now. try getting closer to him as a friend coz 95% of the time guys develop feelings for close friends. if you guys are in the same college then that's really great for you. hang out with him at lunch or talk to him for awhile when you get a chance. then take it a step further and try to get him alone so you guys can be more open . but don't rush things ! and don't go out of your way to talk to him. if he starts liking you he will eventually start talking to you more often by himself
      Goodluck :thumbsup:
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      i think that 95% of the time, if you guys are ment to be you will hit it off from the start, and if not, chances are you wont make a great couple no matter how much work you put into it.
      I guess the lame expression for this is "chemistry" and I dont think he is feeling it right now.
      just approach him to be his friend for now...