Walking Around Naked

    • As you know, my brother and I used to hang nude at home before he went away to school – I still do when I get a chance. Just got back from visiting my brother in Chicago over Thanksgiving weekend. My parents stayed in a hotel but let me stay with my brother in university housing – an apartment with four small bedrooms off of a common room/kitchen. Two of the roommates were away at home for Thanksgiving, but the other, Finn, was an international student from Norway who stayed in Chicago over the long weekend. My parents had invited Finn to come with us for Thanksgiving Dinner. I hadn’t met Finn before but Thursday morning when my brother and I were having breakfast in his apartment Finn walked out of the bathroom totally naked. He didn’t even have a towel! guess he and my brother were comfortable hanging naked together – cool. He came into the kitchen to make coffee and stood around talkin to me while it brewed. He was standin there facin me and I couldn’t help lookin at his cock. He was thin, athletic but not muscular. His cock wasn’t big but it was like a steel tube stickin out. I’d seen uncut cocks before but not up close like this. It was totally cool. I was shirtless in jeans but I really wished I didn’t have jeans on. I made a note that tomorrow I would have breakfast naked!