I need advice!

    • I need advice!

      Now before I begin I don't want anyone going; "You should stop." or "Tell someone." Because to be honest I can do that on my own and I know I should and probably will. All I need right now is advice.
      So I cut myself and have marks all over my arm. There are two raised marks which have been there since February, so I think they may be scars, marks which I'm pretty sure are healing that have been there for about a month, and there are three more obvious marks on my wrist, and a burn.
      I would like to know:
      a.) A way of hiding them well and reducing the appearence of them, hopefully getting rid of them. Up to now I've been fine with long sleeves, but the weather is getting WAY too hot for that so I will have to wear tees soon. Also my make up isn't doing a great job. And bracelets won't work because my wrists are skinny so they don't stay put, plus I have to take them off for P.E.
      And b.) Just in case my friends see I need a good lie to try and hide the fact I self-harm.
      Look I will probably stop. I stopped so I wouldn't have cuts for summer, but that isn't looking good. So please try and focus on my question, I really need help! Thankyou! :3
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      I have just one question... Why do u cut? u said u stopped cutting because of the summer so why cant u just stop all together?
      I have the same problem, i have burn scars all up and down my arm and i jus show them. Honestly if someone asks me im not going to tell them but i blame it on obivous stuff. I straighten my hair everyday and have for the past 4 years so yea im bound to have a couple. or ill say i burned myself on the stove. Just use obvious reasons like if ur friends were to ask u jus say ur pets/siblings scratched u, or u were walking throo bushes with ur family or whatever. Honestly u should stop so u dont have to worry about it, theyll go away soon and ull realize lifes a lot easier without them.
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      Best solution ever... you ready?! :D
      STOP cutting yourself!!! There is no reason why anyone should cut themselves because nothing good ever happens afterwords.
      I would recommend getting a watch with a thick band to take up as much space on your hand as possible and possibly even a tattoo to make it permanent (gym teachers can't tell you to take that off :D) but the watch one is the really only good solution