*slowly pulls hair out*

    • *slowly pulls hair out*

      okay, so I'm just gonna dive straight in. this summer I'm gonna be 17, a rising senior =D yea I'm proud. but on the other hand i feel like I'm in a rut and if i don't get a job or break this cycle I'm never going to be anything in live.. its like i do the same old same old and i just can't take it anymore, i need a switch of scenery, i need to see new faces/ have new experiences.... idk if that made any sense, but I've been slowly driving myself mad thinking about it. back to the job situation I've been looking ever since feb/march and still nothing and its freakin summer now. i really hate to sound like I'm b*tchin and complaining but i just need to vent. i really need to get away from a nagging/negative mom and a job is the perfect escape..if only i could find one..so i guess I'm looking for some advice on what the heck I'm doing wrong...Thanks for reading through that long mess =j
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      Rising senior? Yay for you!! I just finished my senior year and I'm off to college in the fall. I know that "rut" feeling that you have. I hated it! But trust me. Once you get close to going to college or even just leaving high school, you will appreciate that rut feeling because everything will be about to change.

      As for the job, I don't know what to tell ya... I've had my job for almost two years and it sucks haha it's not really as fun as you'd think it'd be... it really does take up your free time. But keep looking!! I'm sure you'll find something eventually!