Sick and tired of pleasing others... literally.

    • Sick and tired of pleasing others... literally.

      My family is going to hold my sisters confirmation ceremony about 400 kilometres away, in our old home town. I'm ill. They are still convinced i should go with them. My damn father said "he has to come with us". I'm getting new symptoms everyday. I feel like vomiting at the moment. I'm depressed. I should go somewhere where my family, who is now more annoying to me ever, have fun, while i am ill and depressed and just have to please others? Hell no. It look's like i'm going anyway. My stupid family is annoying me so f*ck*** much right now. And they use the excuse "your cousin is there". Lately my cousin has just been annoying to me. Still i speak to them, although i feel like not doing so. Am i too noble for this world?
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      I understand your parent want you to go there since I guess they think aswell as every other parent that family is important and thats why they want you to come with them. And I think if you will be parent later on in many years you do the same thing.

      And have you tried to talk with them calmly? about that you are depressed and feel sick.
      Also if they have fun as you said try to have fun with them together, if you feel depressed you need to do something what takes your mind off those problems, have fun and do stuff you like.
      And tell them that you are sick and that you dont feel that good and need to take it calm a bit since i know its annoying, well just not a good feeling if you have a feeling you need to throw up, just tell them that calmly and dont react mad.
      Just understand as a parent they want their chilren to be with them every time and go with them whatever they think is important (I know how its like had the same time but as you get some older they will understand that too)

      And maybe they do bother you now about that or annoy you but still do know that they are there for you even when you feel bad, sure sometimes doesnt look like it but it still is. And is your cousin your age?(I thought it cause they said that hes there) cant you try to have some fun with him? even if its family and if they annoy you sometimes you can always try to have fun with them.
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