My whole life is crashing before my eyes.

    • My whole life is crashing before my eyes.

      Everything has started feeling off kilter recently.

      Two weeks ago I had unprotected sex for the first time with my boyfriend. Usually we use condoms (I lost my virginity to him a year ago), but at the time we didn't have any and by a stupid, rash decision we had unprotected sex that night and about 3 more occurances over the next week.

      He didn't ever cum inside of me. He pulled out once and I finished him with a blowjob the other 3 times. I'm starting college in the fall and my mom and his parents have no idea that we are sexually active.

      Here are some symptoms I'm having. My boobs are extremely swollen and tender, more so than they are before my period. I've been bloated for a week and can't seem to make it go away. I almost fainted at the store the other day and I've been having sharp pains in my stomach area.

      I know that I need to take a test and all that jazz, but I'm really just looking for some comforting words. If I were pregnant, I know I would want to get an abortion. I'm not so sure about my boyfriend, but he seems pretty scared so I'm sure he wouldn't object.

      If I'm pregnant, how would I tell my mom? Do I have to tell my mom? What about his parents? Am I pregnant? I don't know what to do.
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      You might be kinda sounds like you are experiencing early symptoms of pregnancy. But you can get those symptoms if you are overstressed as well. But if you are pregnant I don't think you guys need to tell either set of parents. If you guys are going to choose abortion, It's not any of their business. But if you guys decide to keep it i would tell the rents I had my dad sit down & I told him.
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      It might be better in the long time to at least let your parents know-even if they're upset at first they should be there for you emotionally and can help you get through your tough decision.

      Discuss with your bf what you want to do but ultimately neither of you should force the opinion on the other..but of course you have the major burden with having to carry something around for 9 months.

      Hopefully it turns out you're not pregnant though! Ianey's right, it may just be from stress you're getting these symptoms. When I was worried I thought everything was a symptom!

      Good Luck! I hope things turn out okay. Let us know how it goes and if you need any further help :)