My best friend has cancer :(

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      People who are sick usually just want their friends to treat them the way they always have.

      If they want to talk about their illness, they will bring it up and you'll notice a change in their tone/mood.. but mostly they just want to feel like they're still human.

      You can be there for her, just don't over think it and don't let your sorrow be the strongest emotion. She is reaching out for your help/friendship because of her tough situation but she probably does feel guilty knowing it makes you unhappy. Try to talk about the sadness with someone else, or a place like Teenhut, and go visit/call her when you feel you can share some happiness with her for a while.
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      Yeah I agree with the guy above me ^^
      She just wants things to be 'normal' so to say .. like how it was before, just act the way you normally would around her :')
      Obviously ask if she's okay, but just say it as a general question, not one of those sympathetic patronizing voices haha xD

      I'm sorry to hear about her though .. my auntie just beat it :')!!!
      I'm sure you're friend will do the same! :D

      Here if you ever need to talk!
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      The comments above are right on....It does pain to see a dear friend sick, but just be yourself. Sometimes humor can help...even making a light joke about the situtation. Of course that depends on the person and how senstitive they are. Because if not careful a funny remark about their condition can backfire. Just be there to help them have as normal a life as possible.
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      i have a friend that has leukemia and she is fifteen. It was hard to adjust at first because I was kind of afraid of doing anything that would make her worse. In the end, she just told me that all she wanted was for me to treat her like I did before, like she never had an illness and we can carry on having the same fun that we used to. She just wanted to be treated normally. I stuck by her side and we still have many laughs together although some days she can't even move.. I love her to pieces and I honestly wish you and your friend all the best because I know how hard it can be.
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      Thank you :)
      my best friend is sixteen.
      when she is a home, she behaves like she did before so we still have fun together and we had a hospital sleep over. She behaves like she isn't sick and I am proud of her :)
      and I wisch you and your friend all the best, too :)
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      Hi Leah,

      Sorry to hear about your friend's recent diagnosis. In answer to your question, there really is no specific answer we can give as to how you should react around your friend - it is very much dependent upon the particular circumstances and mindset everyone is in at any one time.

      Your friend requested you, because she values you for your company. She values you for the interactions which you have had and still have with her, and this is in many respects a means of her maintaining a hold of where she was prior to the diagnosis.

      This is a time of great change for her and at this point in time she requires a lot of support, not just from her family but also from the friends whom she holds dear. It is a sign of how important you are to her, by virtue of her having asked for your support.

      Probably the most important thing you can do for her, is to remain by her side and help provide stability for her throughout this difficult time. I wish you and your friend the best of luck.

      Hope this helped.
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      This is a truly horrible thing...

      I would recommend you try and treat her the same exact way you did before the cancer, most cancer patience don't want sympathy or anything like that. Just be there for her, comfort her, have fun, be supportive. All of that good stuff!

      Best of wishes to you and your friend. I hope they overcome and recover from this horrible disease.