My mom is going psychotic

    • My mom is going psychotic

      I’m writing a letter in regards to my mother. I truly believe there is something mentally and psychotically wrong with her. The past five years, she has shunned everybody out of her life and has secluded herself to our home. She has no relationship with her sisters or father anymore and she literally despises her husband’s side of the family, for no apparent reason. She no longer has a healthy relationship with her husband and has not made an effort to have any type of relationship with her children. The only person she cares about is me, the daughter. And this falls under her trying to take over my life and literally trying to make every decision for me. She has this obsession with me where she goes on my Facebook and pretends to be me. She used to take my phone and text as me to boys who wrote to me. She goes on Verizon Wireless every half hour to check to see who I am texting, and because she doesn’t think the boy I am talking to right now is ‘good looking’, she’s trying to destroy the relationship by putting time restrictions on my phone. Everything she does is strategically planned, and it all revolves around me. She has put her life aside and is trying to relive her youth through me. I’m not allowed to pick out my outfits for school because she has to. She has to make my plans every day because I’m not allowed to. She has literally taken over my life completely and won’t let me do what I want to do. This has become a major problem because we don’t want the same things. My mother is 45 years old and is unemployed. She spends every waking moment in the house, either sitting there or going on my Facebook or checking to see who I am texting on Verizon Wireless. She has been having multiple fights with my father because he is trying to defend me in this situation. It can’t sink into her head the problems she is having. She refuses to get a job because she knows that if she does, then that’ll mean more freedom for me. Right now she is literally trying to make me not like a boy, yet, attempting to make me like someone else—a boy that she feels is good looking. She won’t ever let my dad and me alone because she knows that we will talk about her. My dad and I have a healthy relationship and it kills her to see it. My dad is truly concerned for her too, and he tells me that whenever I’m not around, she’s either on Verizon Wireless, Facebook, or talking about me. My dad has even videotaped her complaining about me liking this boy. She has become obsessed with me, and I mean this as no joke. This is a serious situation that I am truly concerned about, because we don’t know what to do. She won’t stop no matter what we tell her. Is there anything we can do?
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      Family intervention.

      Get the government involved.

      Or just grin and bear it until you're 18.

      All this, or emotionally blackmail her by pretending to cut yourself/kill yourself or harm yourself in some way 'because she makes you want to die' and tell her more hurting stuff like that and how she's pretty much a bad mom. Some people just suck.
      [SIZE=2]I’m a slave for you. I cannot hold it; I cannot control it.
      I’m a slave for you. I won’t deny it; I’m not trying to hide it.[/SIZE]
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      Sounds incredibly complex. Actually, you haven't described incredibly bizarre behaviour by your mother, which would suggest psychosis. Your mother would have to experience like hallucinations, delusions or thought disorder for her to be psychotic. If anything, it sounds more like a personality disorder?

      Not sure how it is where you are, but depending on the country, there are provisions to have the matter looked into for those of mental health disorders which put themselves or others at risk. In Australia for example, you can put in a request for the person to be examined and a qualified medical practitioner can then make an assessment of the person. However, strict criteria needs to be met before they can be treated involuntarily, such as keeping them in hospital against their will. (Mental Health Act)

      As it is with what you have described, things are not at a critical or dangerous point yet. I suggest that you raise this issue with a family physician/ general practitioner and they may be able to implement some services such as social worker and psychology input as required. Hopefully, accessing these services will help.

      Keep us posted?