• Re: Naturism

      Last year one of my best girlfriends invited me to go visit their "resort" I had known for ages that they had a camper there and spent most summer weekends there but she had always been fairly quiet about it and certainly never invited anyone to join them.
      At first I turned down the invite but after being assured that I could wear whatever I liked I decided to go, we are long time friends and I didn't want this to come between us.
      So the weekend rolled around and I arrived at her house with my bags and we loaded up and took the 40 min drive to Carolina Foothills Resort near Chesney SC. After checking in at the gatehouse we drove to their camper passing many campers and mobile homes and....lots of naked people, young and old, men women and children! After unloading the luggage Sherrie (my GF) took me for a tour of the place. I guess I'd call the place semi-rustic. I will say that people really tended their gardens with flowers growing all over the property,
      We ended up at the Pool and clubhouse, it was about mid morning and already there were probably 20 or so people there, mostly older people but there were a couple of teenagers who Sherrie introduced me to. They were so friendly and natural it really didn't bother me that they also happened to be naked. I should mention that at that time I was dressed in shorts and t shirt.
      Apparently the rule was that one could dress however they wanted around the resort but to go in the pool or hot tub you had to be nude.

      I have to say I have never enjoyed a weekend of camping more, the people were super friendly and they had very nice facilities. I worked a little on my tan, swam a lot and made lots of new friends, and intend to go back sometime!