I cry every night, never felt worse.

    • I cry every night, never felt worse.

      We were just friends and used to hand out almost every day. I noticed he was a bit attracted to me and soon I also found myself into him.
      Once at a party, we kissed. And by kissing I mean, we were kissing, cuddling and touching the whole night. Then he even walked me home and kissed me again. On my way home he told me he won't text me or call me soon. But he did the very next day.
      I really wanted things to work out between us so I told him that I liked him straight. His only replies were 'What are you gonna do with a kid like me?' 'All of the boys like you, why me?' 'You can have any guy you want'. I told him I didn't want 'any guy' but him. Then I suggested we should forget about what had happened but he said he couldn't simply forget it.
      A few days later, he was hanging out with his friends, they saw me and invited me to join them. I stayed for a while but while I talked to the other guys, he ignored me. Then I went to him and we talked for a while. We kissed. Then he walked me home again.. (I really miss this side of him..)
      And so, everything went this way: Every time I saw him, I tried to hug him or have some kind of conversation but what he usually said was 'Leave me alone, go away'. But he was really different when we were all alone. I tried to talk to him about the way he acted towards me but he is kinda avoiding taking about the whole love stuff.
      He always complained about me getting mad with him too often and I tried to explain him this was because when I couldn't stand him acting badly, there were two options for me: to start crying in front of him because I really get too emotional about this stuff; or to ignore him for a while.
      One night as he was texting me again after making me look like a complete idiot in front of both mine and his friends, I told him he was my biggest mistake and I was sorry for ever knowing him. I also apologized for ever making him feel bad. It must have been really deep for him because he called one of my friends telling her he felt sad by what I had told him. Later, he said that he should be the one apologizing for making me feel bad.
      And now he is ignoring me. I notice him watching every move I make at school or anywhere we meet. I tried to talk to him one night and asked what was wrong but he replied 'Now I am the one who is mad for a while'.. I know he is doing it to make me feel bad but he is playing with my feeling really hard and acts as if he didn't care.
      I don't know what's going on or what's going to happen from now on. I'm not the type to get upsed about boys at all. But as far as I can see, my time has come. I've cried my eyes out. So please, give me some advice on the situation because I can't get over him..
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      This guy sounds like he doesn't know much about love, maybe he's never been in a relationship before. Or he really loves/likes you and doesn't know how to express it. Many guys are like this. Some guys have had people they love walk out on them and are afraid to let new people in. This kind of reminds me of the show Vampire Diaries, Stefan and Elena (if you want to know more about that I think it's on YouTube/netflix and watch it to see if you get where I'm going with this). Give it some time. You have two options: A. Leave this guy alone and ignore it, B. see if it'll go anywhere. I really recommend watching vampire diaries, I feel a strange vibe between you two and the couple in the show. Let me know what happens, if you see it, or need anymore advice I'm here.
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      JesseMac, you couldn't be more right. He's never been in a relationship and even one of his friends once came to me and said 'Be careful not to hurt him, he's a great guy but doesn't know much about love'. Even the guy I like told me he couln't speak about his feelings the way I do. + he's lost a loved one recently..
      I don't feel like giving up on him, because I've always felt amazing around him and he always makes me laugh. We also have very, very similar personalities..
      And although I've never been a fan of the whole vampire obsession, I think I'm starting the series tonight.
      Thanks againg, I really hope to keep in touch :)
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      Blueberry, I think I'm the kind of guy who is like your guy friend you like, mostly the part where he doesn't seem to understand dating. Now I'm not trying to say my experience with girls and love is the same as his, but it seems like he is thinking very less of himself when you said you like him. What I mean is that he probably thinks there are other guys that would be a better boyfriend than him. This is just my thoughts, and another thing could be that he doesn't understand love, or relationships in general. It seemed like he just wanted to be just friends to preserve your close friendship. Though with me, I would date my close friend if she said she had feelings for me.

      I apoligize if that didn't help in the slightest, but that's my perspective of this situation. I know how you feel though, because the same situation happened to me (and still does) throughout my life. I had various friends who were girls and I got extremely close to them, but only a couple of them I tried showing my feeligs for them. But in the end, all of them had stopped interacting with me and never talked to me again. My first incident of this happened all the way back in first grade :(.

      As J. Geils said, "Love stinks".