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      I came out to my friends through highschool and college. I told my bestfriend that I liked girls while we were talking about homosexuality (her uncle is engaged to another guy). Anyways she told me she already figured it out and that it was okay with her. My other friend I talked to her about sexuality also, and I told her I kind of, sort of, maybe, really like girls, and she was cool with it. After that, I just told everyone.

      My parents took a while longer, my mom sort of found out while walking into my bedroom. It was really, really bad but in the end she was soo damn cool about it. She was like do you like girls, It's okay if you do, I just want to know and understand were your coming from. Then she told my dad, which made it easier on me. ;D

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      I came out to my friends individually, at first only the close ones. I made them promise not to tell anyone. As I became more comfortable being who I am I just started tellin people. Cause why the fuck not? My mom's not happy about it but she'll be fine if she gets grandkids XD My dad doesn't know (we haven't been talking to him, restraining order) but he's a HUGE homophobe. I might tell him just to shake his world if the court forces communication :3 (which is lookin likely)
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      I told a few of my close friends individually and I haven't told my parents yet because I know how they feel towards the LGBT community. I think I would only tell my parents if I was in a very serious relationship with someone or until I was living on my own so my mom wouldn't be able to disown me haha...
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    • Coming out for your sexuality can be liberating. It can also be traumatic. Not only for yourself, but often for those around you. Your family, friends, co-workers and other people you are involved with and that know you.

      There are many bad and sad stories about Coming Out, but also many good and happy ones.

      Please share your coming out experiences.