Family Vacation.. Am I being unreasonable?

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      So basically, a few months ago it was planned that we would go on vacation to the beach. I would be allowed to take one friend, and I made conditions with my parents that I would only go if we got separate rooms. They agreed to this.

      Flash forward a few months, and they still hadn't made reservations. So they do it last minute, like, 2 weeks before we go. It fell through today. We have two weeks before we go, and we're going to a part of the beach that's never booked and is always pretty empty. So they go off an reserve a one bedroom hotel, with a king bed, and one small twin bed. Meaning if said friend came, one of us would be sleeping on the floor. Not to mention we'd have to be SUPER cautious about waking my parents up, who go to bed.. at like.. 9. And idk, our family has a LOT of issues and I just don't feel like us being so close would work out.

      And I'd just not take my friend.. but honestly? Well first off, like I said, they PROMISED this weeks in advance, and honestly didn't reserve the right hotel out of sheer laziness. There were plenty of other places that would have worked, all pet friendly, two bedrooms, open for the time we were going to be there, AND some were even cheaper than the place we're staying at now. I offered to find them a place. But no.

      So honestly, I decided it wasn't worth it. I nicely asked them to rebook, offered to call the hotel and even offered a bit of my own money. But apparently I'm a brat for wanting enough beds and a little privacy. >> So I decided to stay back and chill with my friend, because I honestly thought it'd be a better situation. Because all we ever do on vacation is what THEY want to do. I almost never get considered..
      And so yeah. Basically got screamed at and called a few certain names when I mentioned that I would be staying back. I mean, I politely asked before, and said I didn't want to come unless you got said things, you agreed, and now you're taking it back.. Honestly. idk. Maybe I'm in the wrong, but it really, really bothers me.

      Yeah you're a spoiled little prick. For fucks sake, it's not like you're paying for everything. Your parents probably have better things to worry about than your snotty little friend. Oh and GOD forbid you don't have your own privacy. I mean c'mon, what the fuck are you like 15?