I'm confused about whether she wants to go further or not?? =(

    • I'm confused about whether she wants to go further or not?? =(

      Hey guys, I'm hoping you could give me a little advice on how to approach this situation, especially since I don't know my girlfriend's stance on sex or how intimate she's willing to get (I think we just don't bother bringing it up in our conversations)

      So me and my girlfriend have, since we've been together, only made it to the point of making out. One makeout session, I tried going for for second base under her shirt, but as I got to the bra I could feel she didn't want me going under but the rest of the time I just basically kinda worked my hands in that area over her shirt.

      What confuses me though is we constantly text each other pretty suggestive messages which all revolve around the two of us basically having sex (so just basic sexting).

      Is there any way to let her know, other than straight out (which I can do, but I want to avoid straighforward talking about it if possible just to spare the awkwardness) that I'm ready to try new things but I don't know where she stands, especially because of all the teasing texts? Only asking because I'm a considerate guy, and the only thing I want to know is she's comfortable, but I hate not knowing.

      Also, it doesn't kill me if we don't go further, I'd rather just feel more secure before I get lost in the moment and my hands wander a bit too far :D