Long Distance Relationship..Does it work ?

    • Long Distance Relationship..Does it work ?

      Well I have been talking to a girl who lives in Russia , I really like her . She makes me happy whenever I talk to her . I discuss a lot of things with her , and we ve both said that we like each other .

      We video chat also a lot of times ,which means that she s not fake :)

      Well the problem is I don't want to take any step forward because I am still completing my education . She seems to agree .

      I don't know whether I should put my complete heart into it . I want to know whether a long term relationship works ? I know if two people put their complete efforts it would work . But has anyone of you seen an inter cultural type relationship , where a guy is from a country which is miles apart from the girl ...India and Russia here ..

      Any help in this matter would be useful ..
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      No. they don't work. You can make them work but if there's no definite plan to get together and move closer then it won't work. it won't it won't it won't. I was with my LDR for 9 months. Waiting. Saw her two or three times. Waiting. The distance broke my fucking heart over and over. I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone..
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      No. If you like her, keep on talking to her, just keep it going. She seems to be a good ffriend, and you should never let good friends go.
      No one can tell if this would work, you would have to bring many sacrifices and maybe, if it works and then you'll meet in real life someday, it doesn't. It's risky. But it CAN work.
      Just keep it going and don't put too much pressure on it. My first relationship was with a guy who lived 4000km away, and it worked for some month until we both changed too much. It was hardm but possible.
      Just do what you feel is right, no one can tell the absolute truth about this. :)
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      aj227 wrote:

      So ,

      What am I just supposed to do ? supress this feeling and just let her go ?

      Remember, that the advice people give you are usually reflective of their own experiences. Some people have not been able to make a long-distance relationship work, some people have.
      What may13 says, do what you feel is right. But remember what hurts the most is distance.

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      My friend's dad met his wife on a plane to Africa. He was visiting, she was going back. After three years of phone calls, letters and visiting every so often, he finally proposed, she moved to England and vuala, they were happily married. So, how did they make it work? Because they knew they wanted to be together!

      You can definitely make it work if you want to that badly.
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      I'm actually in one right now, and it's working great for me. We don't live in separate countries but we do live across a country from each other. It takes A LOT of working, which is something that not everyone realizes. You have to really like each other, or in my case, we love each other. You have to take time to talk every day, tell each other how you feel often and talk as much as you can. Talk about what is going on in each other's lives and how things are going. They are no piece of cake. Mine has been extremely successful so far, so they do work. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message me! Good luck!