Male haircuts? I Need help.

    • Male haircuts? I Need help.

      I'm a 16 year old male, and for the majority of my life, I've had pretty long hair because I never thought anything else would work for me. I can't really determine my face shape, and because of that, i dont know what kindd of hairstyles would work for me.

      I'm going to get a haircut tomorrow. I really wanna get a fauxhawk or something like Johnny Knoxville's haircut or Zac Efron's new one, but I fear that it might look really bad once I'm done with the haircut and I'm gonna instantly regret it.

      Here are a few pictures of me so you can get an idea:

      I dont think my current hairstyle looks bad, but its not working for the summer and I've kinda grown out of it, considering I've dealt with it my whole life.

      Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    • Re: Male haircuts? I Need help.

      I personally dislike the skater style hair, but thats just me. Maybe try a short on the sides, with long top look. that way you can just mess up the top and it looks cool. like this…IE/s1600/cole-mohr-14.jpg or like this

      thats how i wear my hair.

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