can someone please help me think straight

    • can someone please help me think straight

      hi . im open to any criticism about what im about to speak to you about because im basically unsure of how i should feel

      basically me and my girlfriend are extremely close. and weve planned to move to london together . her dad lives there so the plan was for her to move over to his and then as soon as i could secure a job in london and get my national insurance number i would follow her over.
      shes been gone about a week and iv just got good news that it will only be 2-3 .. maybe 4 .. weeks before i can go over and start working.
      when i told her she didnt seem to excited about it and she just said that shes goin to cardiff on th 4th -7th so maybe after then i could coem but iv already said time frames to employers and all
      but basically after all that my problem is that she said how she wanted me to be over as soon as possible but her going away is also meaning shel miss my birthday and means il have just moved over and will be alone for my birthday

      and it just seems like that trip away with her friend has just made her forget about me a little

      anybody think this should be a bit upsetting or am i wrong ?

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      Hi Jamie:
      You are right to have concerns about your girlfriend not acting interested enough in you, now that she's away. Don't make the decision to go to London if you are only going because of her. She said she wanted you over as soon as possible, But her actions does not reflect what she said, and you may well be rejected if you go at this time. It is best to cancel until you are clear about her feeling for you. Right now she has you on the back burner. Stay Strong! Be Nice! Don't Stumble! She'll respect you better. I hope this helps.
      Should you want to talk more about this I'm available. Email me.
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      im 18 . and no im not going over for her . im currently sittin exams for emergency response and have always wanted to move to london to join the london fire service. im just a bit anoyed she wanted me there asap and then wud go arrange a trip thats on when my birthday is tbh :(
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      What is her trip for, exactly? Did you ask her...if it's important then I say compromise :/ If not, talk to her about it and explain that it took a lot of hassle for you to come up as soon as you did and then find out she can't spend your birthday with you.
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