What next on skyrim?

    • What next on skyrim?

      So far on skyrim, I have levelled up most of my skills fully (Im level 78), completed the main quest, college of winterhold quests, companions quests, Dark brotherhood quests, Theives guild, Nightingale quests. Dawnguard isnt an option for me, seeing as in australia, it costs 1600 microsoft points, and i can only buy either 1500 or 3000 (-.-). whatelse is there left to do on skyrim?
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    • Re: What next on skyrim?

      Build yourself a play through challenge! Start a new save file & create a challenge for yourself. For example: Using only two-handed weapons with no armor whatsoever & only restoration magic. No potions, etc. , etc. Skyrim wasn't made for one gameplay. You may need to play it a few times so you can get its full experience.

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