Long distance, yet still very serious.

    • Long distance, yet still very serious.

      A girl and I have been going out for a little over a year but about two months ago I moved almost 500 miles away and it's putting a pretty big strain on our relationship. We call almost every night and we've both experienced carnal knowledge of each other.

      I'm getting a job pretty soon to try and visit or get her to visit but is there anyway we can improve?
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    • Re: Long distance, yet still very serious.

      I have no idea when it comes to long-distance relationships...but I've seen one happen, and they're both still together now :)

      If you really want to be together, you'll make it work. Don't get too frustrated when things don't work out, and don't get distracted by people around you. End of the day, you just need to be looking forward to when you can see her, not why you can't at the moment.
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