having a bad time at summer college

    • having a bad time at summer college

      Hello everyone,
      So for the past 3 weeks, I have been taking college classes over the summer and as part of that experience, high school students like myself get to stay in the dorms and partake in "real college life". The first 3 weeks of the program were fine: I made a few good friends and I genuinely enjoyed myself. However, all of my friends in the program left after 3 weeks, and 200 new people moved into the dorms for the second 3-week session (I am staying for 6 weeks). So far, I have not made a single friend, and when I asked 2 people if they wanted to go to the dining hall for dinner, they forgot about me, leaving me to eat snacks in my room by myself. I am really homesick and depressed about the fact that I have no friends here. I would really really like to go home and see all of my friends there and have a simple and quiet remainder of the summer. What are your suggestions to help me make friends here? I know that I probably sound very negative, and I apologize. I just want to make the most of my summer and not be miserable. I would really appreciate any advice or stories about your summer camp/college experiences. Thank you!
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      I think the best place to start is to pick out the loners, the ones who appear to be with no one, and try to strike up conversation with them. They'll probably appreciate it, and you'll have a friend.

      As for the situation you described: I don't think they should give up. Personally, I think they thought they were going to meet you AT the dining hall, not pick you up. But regardless, ask again, and then go THEIR dorm room. Or if you see them at the dining hall, just go over and sit with them.

      I know approaching groups is scary, so don't feel down if you can't do that. Just try what I suggested.
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      what you have to remember is people are fickle sadly and even more so at our age im ashamed to say...although too an extent our hormones drive us to be that way...

      Also maybe you're just a bit deeper than others and they aren't comfortable with it?

      Sometimes I get lonely and want the company of others but other times I make sure I'm a bit more choosy, remember you have a lot to offer others !