I don't understand what I do wrong

    • I don't understand what I do wrong

      Basically, I'm awful at showing guys I'm interested in them.

      There's a guy who I flirt with mostly through text because we don't see each other too often and we've made it pretty clear to each other through our texts that we're into each other.

      The other day I ran into him a few times and later he told me that I didn't seem interested in him at all. I managed to convince him it was because I was in a bad mood but the truth is I thought I was putting that message across, but I guess I wasn't. I guess this is why I'm 19 and have never had a serious boyfriend

      Basically I want to know how I can show I'm interested in people? And don't say "smile, flirt, laugh" etc. because I do that and apparently it's not working! If you do say some of these things pleeeease elaborate lol
    • Re: I don't understand what I do wrong

      Hang out more often, cuddle up to him if you get a chance, even try to make a move to kiss him. You already know he likes you, so it's not like you'll be shot down.

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