It's getting out of control

    • It's getting out of control

      My parents are suddenly being very controlling. I was listening to a song with one cuss word and becasue of that cuss word my dads going to go thur my iPod and delete every song with a cuss word or unapporite meaning. Now they are going thur my clothes and deleting everything they see as bad. Honestly I don't have any slutty clothes. This morning I got in hide trouble for a slightly dirty room that I was planning on cleaning. It's summer and I have to be asleep at 10 and awake at 7. My phone is even taken away at night even tho I don't stay up late texting. Now I can't hang out with my guys any place but my house. I use to be able to hangout with them wherever.

      I can't deal with it anymore...
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    • Re: It's getting out of control

      My parents have always been the way you're describing yours. Honestly, the best solution I've found is to play it their way for a while and not let it bother you, and then slowly ease them into giving you more freedom again. Especially with the clothes and music issue. Just dress how they see "appropriate" for a little while and then slowly work in more of what you like. Music is easy to hide, so just don't let them see or hear music they wouldn't approve of. I know it can get annoying and sometimes it will feel unbearable, but sometimes parents act irrationally and its just better to circumvent the extra arguments and let them think they're getting their way when they're really not. Hang in there, girl.