Could really use some cheering up :,(

    • Could really use some cheering up :,(

      My parents don't trust me, and accuse me of doing things I haven't done all the time. My mom spent the entire morning yelling at me because she lost her phone. It just sucks because I feel like I'm stuck. I'm too dependent on my parents for a place to stay, food, etc. so i can't just leave. I'm sick of my parents, my mom especially, talking down on me, like I'm a piece of dirt. I feel like she doesn't even care about me, because it's not like she ever makes any effort to come talk to me to solve the underline problem. She just yells at me every day for random bullshit because she's looking for something to complain about, and it's finally taken its toll on me after four years of it. Today after she yelled at me, I texted her and told her that sometimes she really makes me want to kill myself.... because she really does make me feel like shit and because I was too scared to say it to her face. I'm really anxious to talk to her whenever she gets home tonight, but I'm just scared that whenever we talk tonight that she's just gonna end up kicking me out or something when all i really want is to fix our relationship. :( please help. I really don't know how to approach her with all that I'm feeling. :(

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      I'm in the same situation. I don't to be there for it to be my fault! I'd just talk to her... if things are this bad talking to her can't make them much worse. It's worth a try... If you ever wanna talk just message me :) Good Luck!

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      I like your mom. I hope she's better looking than you because she's already turning me on.

      REALLY?! WTF!!:nono:
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      You could try to talk to her anyway but if your too afraid try to talk with someone else about it, someone who you trust.
      Try to go out more often do fun things with friends or anyone else so you wont spend much time at home with your mom and if you realy do spend much time home try to ignore if and think about in a short time you can move out and dont have to worry about this anymore.

      Just look ahead, try to ignore that stuff, try to talk with someone about it and try to keep yourself a bit more out of the house to have fun.
      Hopes it helps a bit, wish you the best ^^
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      Hey Runna. I've been in similar situation as you are atm. My mother was yelling on me all the time and I was yelling on her as well. Conflicts does happen sometimes. I am sure she still cares about you and that she loves you.
      As Sharitha said its smart to talk to someone who you trust, that can cheer you up a lot. When I was in the same situation I was rarely at home, I was always outside with friend who helped me forget about my mother for a bit.
      Try to stay positive and keep in mind that it will be better.

      I really hope you're relation with your mother gets fixed.
      Good luck ^^
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      My mom has been diagnosed with partial anxiety and night time depression and refuses to take medication. I am positive you don't have it worst than me. Sometimes it is very hard to deal with, but I just act very nice and obedient to her and that usually gets me through MOST days

      On a side note though, I'm sure if you do that, you'll be fine. Just don't do anything that she can complain about. Avoid risque topics when talking to her and don't do anything that could possibly imply that you are a wild teenager
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      Yeah, I tend to go out a lot to take my mind off stuff. It usually just makes things worse though because my mom is psycho and wants me home for no apparent reason. But yeah, like y'all were saying, I mostly just try to avoid her. The thing is she is ALWAYS looking for something to complain about. For instance, I have chores and one of my chores is to clean the dishes. Like ok, whatever, that's no problem, but obviously some days I'm not going to get around to doing it because I'm busy or whatever, and the fact that she can walk past the kitchen one day with dirty dishes and not say anything just proves to me that it's not the dirty dishes that are pissing her off... she just wants the attention. She wants to complain.
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      Also If you're at home try to avoid her by watching some movies or talk to friends via facebook. If you have a brother/sister you can talk with him/her about that as well. Also It might help if you talk to your mother's parents or something.

      I've been in the same situation so I know that feeling, I really hope you get that relationship fixed asap. Good luck ^^
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      I can't say I know what to say because it seems like a really difficult situation, I just hope things get better for you soon.
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